Season of Migration
Monday, December 15, 2003

'Tis the season for a lot of things. Apparently snow, ubercolds, and mass migrations to livejournal are amongst those.
So, yeah. We have snow, I'm beautifully sick, and I've also established an lj, An Exercise in Frugality. Hear me rant. Very pretty icon courtesy of Flidge humoring me. ^^
Also, because it was caligraphy, and it was there-
Honor: You are an honorable person who is firm with
his/her beliefs and treats others as you are
treated. People would consider you humble at
times and very respectful, and someone to
definitely respect back.

Which Characteristic From the Samurai Code Matches You Best? (You may find out your best trait)
brought to you by Quizilla
Me, chivalry bound and archaic? Silly moral code? Who'd have guessed?
Also, I plan to at some point turn either the lj or the pitas into a ficblog. This is due to the ambitious thought that I might end up writing something, sometime. Certainly I'm supposed to be writing for Advent. . . and I will. When I can get two thoughts to coincide without giving me a headache, coughing fits, or a nosebleed.
. . . This may take awhile. Or some drugs. I'm up for whichever's faster.
Maybe I can wrangle a doctor's appointment tomorrow to tell me what I'm dying of if this damned fever doesn't go away. Five days is a bit much for any convalescence.
Odds are I'll update the lj more often than this- there's less messing with html for a simple post, and more integrated posts- so if per chance anyone would like to keep track of me, check there.
All for now!
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Dropped off the Face of the World
Sunday, December 7, 2003

. . . Well, I'm good at disappearing acts, ne?
No, I haven't died. It's worse than that- I've been at school. This means utter unproductivity. And a general amnesia that the outer world exists.
What can I say? I got swallowed by the semester. I've undergone a decent regimen of classes, including one disastrously mislabelled Chemistry course, I'm signed up for classes next semester, and I've even got a roomie for next year. I've also kept up with riding, and started karate and fencing for good measure.
Various perils have been faced with greater or lesser degrees of success and failure- Bs or better on all exams except one notably epic crash and burn, a totalled car due to what should have been a fender bender, paranoia, roommates, roommates' boyfriend for two weeks, etc.
I wouldn't say I've garnered a posse or substantial amount of friends, but I can say I have met a number of interesting people and made acquaintances. The fencing crew seems to foster Goths- we've got people turning up in black dusters, knee-high leather boots and fishnet shirts, bodices and tails and boots, black boots, slacks, and a black silk shirt, victorian dusters with lace and bright red Converse sneakers. Then there's the guy in cowboy boots and hat. I fit somewhere in the middle of the mayhem, and I rather adore it.
At some point in the near future I will spend a small fortune on acquiring a sword, tunic, helm, gloves, and period costuming. I still suck, but given time. . . SCA, here I come!
(The saddle is still unacquired. Curse those things for being so expensive- but I eventually would like a functioning scanner/tablet. Only one toy at a time. -_-;)
At least, while providing me things to spend my money on, I don't have to pay for one of my addictions. School also means instant access to anime at LAN T1 speed. I am in love with high-speed connections. ^_^ For this reason, I've consumed, either whole or in parts, in no particular order:
Last Exile, Wolf's Rain, Naruto, Scrapped Princess, Matantei Loki, X, Full Metal Alchemist, RahXephon, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Hunter x Hunter, Full Metal Panic, Stellvia of the Universe, and undoubtedly more that I can't remember off the top of my head.
I'm trying to avoid the sticky fingers of fandom for most of them, but Full Metal Alchemist and HunterxHunter are getting to me for some reason. The shounen infection is trying to take hold. >_<
Perhaps the fact I have my very own shoujo manga plot unrolling in my head will keep it at bay- I'm not equipped to draw the bloody thing, but I can certainly write it. Just to see the reactions. . . I'll drop a snippet of the premise:

In this day and age, nearly everyone has imperfect eyes. Naturally, they wear glasses and contacts, or have surgery to correct this obvious physical flaw. What people fail to realize is the hidden virtue of this genetic failing and sign of ink-stained torment: those myopic souls can do something that no one of perfect vision can ever achieve. With one simple gesture, they can remove the world. They can reduce the world to a series of colored smudges upon the landscape of the mind, and in that mind, interpret it as they see fit. With another, they can return the world to crystal clarity of their own perceptions. They have the choice between the photographic detail of the world at hand and the impressionistic paintings of their imagination.
Beyond these two kinds of sight, I would say I have a third. Or maybe I just have a more vivid imagination than most, and my second sight is surprisingly accurate. It's not that I can see better than anyone else, oh no- I'm near blind without my glasses. What is unusual is that without them, I can see the world differently; it's not a dream, or a vision, so much as a different version of the truth. I lived a childhood filled with myths and fantasies; I saw dragons in the sky, unicorns in the park, sylphs in the wind, elves in suits. My best friend had great, fluttering wings like panes of stained glass.
As I grew up, my vision began to fail, and they gave me glasses. Seeing the world through these new frames, I saw a new world. A mundane world, a solid world without my shifting fantasies to color it. I was both horrified and fascinated- had I been there the entire time? Soon I learned to live with both worlds. I kept my glasses on all day, as I was supposed to, but sometimes, I would catch a glimpse of a lion's tail, a brilliant feather, something both familiar and magical out of the corner of my eye, in the peripheral vision that glasses never manage to cover. And I would smile. At night, however, my glasses came off and my dreams ranged free. I loved the night.
Over the years, I've gotten in the habit of looking at the people I meet just once out of the corner of my eye. Sometimes they are the same; sometimes they are beautiful, sometimes ugly. A few I find to be fantastical, and these are often my friends. Once or twice I have found people of alarming inner ugliness, and around these I tread carefully. I could not explain this to anyone if I tried, but it has saved me from trouble more than once.
This served me well- until the day I saw the demon.
My name is Avery. Avery Lake.

This plot keeps spawning characters left and right. Oddly interesting ones, too, I hope. Quite possibly the only time you'll hear a detective mooing. XD
And all of this is added to work on my own homebrewed universe of epic elves, and a Ronfic which has been sporadically poked at and made more complicated.
It looks like I'll be doing a fic for the Conjunction advent calendar- a HxH fic, no less. o.O; Now there's one fandom I didn't think I'd be dabbling in so soon.
Let's hope I don't loose my mind in the Hell that is finals week first. Wish me luck!
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A College Life for Me
Sunday, August 24, 2003

. . . So. Otakon, over and done. Much fun, much stuff. Giant fuzzy tadpole pillows and Nazgul replica swords being the highlights of that adventure.
And now, summer is officially over. Why?
I'm currently sitting in Storrs, UConn central. Anyone who happens to have a morbid curiousity or desire to see me may drop me a line. No psycho stalkers, please.
I moved in on Friday. . . and that was an interesting trip in itself. We left at seven-thirty, had a detour to drop off my sister's car, then proceeded to be slightly ahead of traffic. Until I made the horrible mistake of saying so outloud. We were promptly rear-ended.
Thirty or fourty minutes later, we continued onward through traffic. I still arrived before my roommate from Long Island, and selected the lower bunk. I can't say I care overly much for the room set up, but we don't have all that many options, and it's a bit too much work to change it at the moment.
My roommate came in as we were carrying up our last load of stuff. She's a nice girl, interesting personality, with quirks that I will undoubtedly discover before long. It's fortunate for both of us that she has no sense of smell, due to an unfortunate golf cart accident, so she won't be a casualty of horse-stench after riding lessons.
Things are looking quite a bit more like home now that I've got my things settled in- FFX poster alongside a collage of horse pictures, a PotC movie poster on one wall, and a six-foot Legolas poster on another. The roommate easily bypassed any concerns about the size by going, "He's hot, he can go on our walls."
If I can convert her to like anime as well as my elf-boys, then this may work out well indeed.
The days have been filled with remarkably pointless repeats of orientation fare, namely unimportant and uninteresting lectures by various services of the campus. I'm accidentally skipping the Honors program reception, which might have been marginally important, but there isn't anything to be done about it now. >_< Worse, it's on the complete opposite side of the campus, from which I /just came/.
I hate when I do that.
At any rate- I'm here. I haven't talked to that many people, but then again, I don't tend to talk much to people in general. I'll figure things out eventually.
I miss my usual dose of Flidget.
So, now I have my last inadvertently free afternoon before classes begin. Might as well use it for something.
Ja ne-
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Final Countdown
Monday, August 4, 2003

A good portion of the summer is now over, as I have finished my last day of official barn-duty. As I've been working every weekend for the past- four years, I think I'm going to miss it.
Still, other things to look forward to.
It's about three weeks until I move in. I know my roommate's name, but absolutely nothing else. ^^; That's a bit nerve-wracking. Still, there is hope that she will be a good-humored female not opposed to anime and staying up till three a.m. Or six a.m, whichever.
There's a fair amount of dorm shopping left to do, which needs to be coordinated with said female whenever she turns up. A room to locate, books to buy, a major to declare. Just a few small things, you know.
On the other hand - Woo! Four days till Otakon.
Only now do I think about making wings and going as Seraphim for cosplaying. . . as it would be ridiculously easy. If only I could decide if it was worth the effort.
To get list for Otakon:
Manga (No current preferences)
Posters and Cool Stuff for dorm
Fuzzy tadpole merchandise
. . . Gifts?
Any requests out there?
Should we have another go at Wind-spotting, Thorne-san? Up to you.
Amid the excitement, I really, really should be writing, yet it seems my muses have temporarily deserted me. If I get them back, I'll see what the verdict is on the Conjunction challenge. My drawing skills probably aren't up to it, but maybe I can blackmail someone else into it. ^_^;
Many many thanks to Lunar and Ann-san for reviewing! You are a smart woman, Lunar-san. XD Well-spotted.
And now, I should sleep.
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Monday, July 21, 2003

Err, yes. So while I should be working on Ronfic, I instead have a Pirates of the Caribbean one-shot out instead.
I tell myself that this is productivity, of a kind, at least. Go read. Review if you so please; I have the humbling feeling that this one will get more than all my old moldy fics together.
Moment of zen for the week: Screech owls sound like drunken women. Loud drunken women.
Quick commentary: Oi, at last! Someone else who has or has had hard contacts. I have yet to meet anyone who has them outside of my family. Of course, I have possibly the worst vision of anyone I've met, too, so that's something.
(I'm very much due for an eye appointment. Seeing 40/20 with contacts is not conducive to safe driving, or reading anything at a distance.)
Right then, babbling done. I should get back to Ronfic. I will get back to Ronfic.
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A Stroke of Luck
Friday, July 11, 2003

All of a sudden, things have swung in a rather positive direction.
My new laptop, which has been dubbed Cricket, arrived yesterday. She's a beautiful thing- and she can do so much. The only possible complaint I can have about her is that she doesn't have an A drive, but that's simply a matter of pull-out-and-plug-in. She claims to be in possession of a DVD-rom, which is unexpected, as well as a readable/writeable CD-rom. If I can burn CDs with Cricket-dono, I will be an extremely happy Wind-chan.
She's already had her first freeze, but that was admittedly when I discovered that she can rip mp3s and got a bit greedy. Oi, it was the Blue Man Group- hard to wait on that one.
I think she and I shall get along just fine; provided she behaves when I introduce her to my printer/scanner, but I need to find the software for that first.
Another problem has been solved, too: I've been stressing out over my AP scores and whether or not I'd have to change my classes. It seems that my school got our scores today, and two of my teachers took it upon themselves to e-mail us saying how the class did.
Out of my teacher's English classes, whose e-mail I recieved hours before the other, there were 4 5s, 8 4's, and 11 3s. In my Spanish class, there were 4 5s, 4 4s, and 7 3s. Except, my spanish teacher provided just a bit more information: how we'd done personally in each AP class.
I owe that woman an e-mail, once my e-mail will cooperate properly.
It seems I've been worrying for naught: I nailed them. And I will now proceed to walk around with a beatific smile for several hours. The icing on the cake is that UConn provides credit for high AP scores instead of just exemptions- with three 5s, I'm most likely looking at a tidy sum of credits.
Even if it's just a few, I'll be happy- I've already got 6 co-op credits from Spanish. It's a boon, really, to know that all the nastiness was Worth It.
So happy!
Also, I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean today. That's another good reason to be in a blissful mood- it's an excellent fun movie. I stand in awe of Johnny Depp- to paraphrase my sister's boy: "He's all swishy, but he's still badass!"
The idea of a second movie with Orlando Bloom at the helm besides Johnny Depp is actually appealing, provided they keep up the quality. Mmm, bishounen, blades, snarkiness. . .
Only downside being that this is now giving me the urge to write pirate-fic. And listen to Pirates of Penzance and the Mikado.
Well, not all impulses are bad. Ja-
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Radio Silence
Thursday, July 3, 2003

So, I've been operating silently for awhile. About time I came back in and filled in the missing time.
In June, I went to the UConn two day orientation, met some people, slept in a dorm. It was all right- can't say I'm thrilled about going, but it's somewhere, at least. It's stability.
As for registering- I've got my class schedule for next year. As it stands, the following is what I'll be taking, unless I bombed my APs and need to take some of the prerequisites: (Honors) Human Genetics, Intro to Polyscience, Honors Chemistry, Calc I, and the Honors Freshman Experience (read: Support group/bitch session). It'll be a full load, and it won't be easy, but since when have I ever taken the easy way out when it comes to school?
In a few days, I should be getting my AP scores to tell me if I've misjudged badly, or will indeed pass. Sometime this month, too, I'll be finding out who the unfortunate soul is that shall be my roommate for the year. Hopefully things will work out. (If any of you go to UConn, I'll be over in Towers at Storrs. Come say hello ^^)
On another college related note. . . in a matter of weeks, I shall be receiving a brand new, spiffy ThinkPad R40. It's a sweet, sweet little thing compared to my current means of computing, and I owe it all to my IBM-working father. Have I mentioned lately that I'm spoiled? Yes, just wanted to clarify that.
Otherwise, life has been fairly regular. Quite boring, in fact. Finals were a breeze. The end of the year hit without much fanfare, and graduating was very anticlimatic. The graduation party was like almost all social events for me: something to be looked forward to that never follows through. It kind of sucked that my friends kept drifting off without telling me where they were going, or really bothering to include me. At any rate, I never expect to see 99.9% of them again.
Summer is currently a slow progress of days leading up to college. With the current job market, I'm not sure I'll be able to get a job, and to be honest, I have yet to start looking. I haven't seen any of my friends for a few weeks, but they probably have better things to do- not to mention vacations.
I'm looking forward to Otakon in August, but it remains to be seen if it'll just be me with my parents. Oo, exciting.
Flidge has been prodding me to keep up my writing, and start a new project. It threatens to be a reasonably long HP Ron-fic. Yes, you heard me, a Ronfic. We'll see how it goes.
And that is my Wind Summer Update. -_-; Sorry for the lack of energy, everyone, but I'm afraid I've been rather unmotivated lately. I need to be genki. Maybe .hack will help with that-
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Regularily Scheduled. . .
Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Meh. Things aren't looking so thrilling right now.
Number of colleges Wind got accepted to: 2
Number of colleges Wind is going to: 1
Number of family members Wind has: 4
Number of votes Wind gets in where she want to go: 0
So, joy of joys, I'm stuck going to. . . UConn. Along with some 30+ members of my senior class. Now there's a change.
"You'll never see them!" Feh.
Only good thing about this is that my parents have to bribe me to make me stop griping. Ergo, I get a saddle and chaps out of the deal. Which is indeed a deal, since riding equipment tends to be bloody expensive. Of course, I'll be getting the cheap stuff, but the good gear can go upwards of a $1000 for a saddle alone.
Also, as college approaches, so does the prospect of a new computer. This isn't a bribe, it's acknowledgement that I need a new one in order to survive. It's a miracle that the retired hand-me-down I've got has lasted so far after its twin collapsed. I'm opting for a new laptop, but either or would make me happy. It means that I can finally have new programs that work, play anime and DVDs, etc.
The end of the year also heralds other things. Like prom, exams, graduation, and orientation for college. Prom has been a disappointment; I went and got a dress many months ago, but now shall not be attending. It's a pity, since the dress is quite pretty, but there's no reason to go- none of my friends are going, very few people at all are going, and it's not expected to be worth the money. Junior prom was hardly exciting, either, so I can't foresee the senior prom being a great hit that I will regret missing. Seeing as the dress was expensive, and now shall never be worn, back it goes.
Exams aren't really worth worrying about for me, since I only have three of them, and two are for classes that I do very well in. The thing that might be annoying is that it looks like I might have to go to orientation right after exams and right before graduation. And if not then, I'll be missing school for two days of orientation. Worse, honors program members are expected to take orientation in one of the first five sessions, four of which have already passed and the fifth may already be filled. Delightful.
Graduation is also looking to be a pain: it's scheduled the day before the local riding show. It's tradition for the graduating students to stay at the parent-sponsored and controlled party/festival at the school all night long into the morning. If I wanted to be in the show after the party, then I would have no sleep before it at all. Therefore, if I want to be in it with any chance of doing well, I'd have to come home very early. It's a choice between missing out on one of my last school experiences that I'd really been looking forward to, or missing out on my last chance to be in a riding competition that I really would like to participate in. It's depressing to see the end of my highschool years coming with so little fanfair. There's certainly no chance to relax and appreciate it.
It would be nice to know why everything I want to do always has to back me into a corner. I don't get any easy choices, or pleasant ones, it seems.
So many things to look forward to. >_< Indeed.
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if I sing a song. . .
Saturday, May 17, 2003

I am now a confirmed Blue Man Group afficianado. Very good stuff.
This week has been one large attempt to thwart normal scheduling. Monday was AP Biology test- it was surprisingly less evil than I thought it was going to be. Damn that chi squared equation, though. Tuesday was more CAPT testing after I thought it was over, then anime, riding, whatnot. Then Wednesday and Thursday were field trips- Friday is Friday.
Tuesday was also the day my sister broke her toe on a wheelbarrow. The girl rides, does karate, snowboards, rock climbs, rollerblades, and whatnot- then goes and breaks her first bone on a wheelbarrow. Extremely ironic, but a pity- she can't train for a month.
Wednesday was the AP English "Let's get the hell out of here" trip to NYC to, essentially, eat lunch and see the Blue Man Group. It was entertaining. I got to feel uber geek-like for sitting by myself and listening to CDs for all the time we were not specifically doing something, but it gave me the chance to get out of school. And drool at games I still can't buy. Always good.
Thursday was the AP Spanish "mandatory" field trip to Hartford to spend an hour in the Wadsworth Museum and eat lunch. Pailla is good. Missing school, also good.
Friday was the day no one could concentrate for anything. Very good for reading, napping, and vegetating. I discovered that the TechTV channel shows more than Silent Mobius on their late night anime hours, and was sufficiently entertained. Dual seems to be a mix of Tenchi, Evangelion, and Nadesico. Nothing new or particularily deep, but watchable.
Only one other thing worth mentioning here. Fans of Matrix, beware, I am about to unleash spoilers and ranting that shall make you desire to flame me.

Ready, go!
Err, yes. Saw Matrix: Reloaded on Thursday. Now that was a mistake. I wasn't terribly enthused by the first movie, but I thought that the second was supposed to be better. I thought the plot and concepts in the first one showed promise. Sadly, all plot seems to have been lost in the second. There is the sense of the directors trying to balance out the attempt at cerebral concepts that aren't actually anything new with fight scenes and lust.
I think the word I'm looking for is "gratuitous." There are pointless fight scenes, pointless lust scenes, and pointless "Look how great we are!" special effects that fail to impress me. As my sister put it, it's like a bad anime.
The bit that disappointed me the most, besides the lack of plot, was the Neo/Trinity thing. First of all, in the first movie, you watch Trinity fall in love with Neo. There is never any indication that Neo actually loves her. Lusts, certainly. And every single time they're in a scene together, it's as if the directors are trying to beat you over the head, going "Look, they love each other! They're a couple! Remember this!" Unfortunately, I do not equate incessant lip-locking and breathy exchanges with love. The ten minute orgy and sex scene was entirely unnecessary. What did my eyes ever do to you to deserve this?
I have the feeling that this is all meant to appeal to testosterone-laden audiences. Neo smacks heavily of Marty Sam self-insertionism. There's the overriding feeling that you're supposed to be going "Wow, look how cool Neo is! Man, I wish I was him!" He flies, he kicks ass, he wears black clothes that look better on Vash than they do Keanu Reeves. He saves the day when even Morpheus and Trinity are getting flung around.
I swear that the Smiths vs. Neo scene must have derived from a conversation like the following after the first Matrix:
"Neo's the only cool character in that movie!"
"Hell no! Smith can kick Neo's ass!"
"No way! Neo could kick a hundred Smiths' asses!"
"Oh yeah?"
"That can be arranged!"
Mm. Sadly, I like Smith. Even if he gets the bad one-liners. I suspect I'm supposed to like Morpheus better than I do, but after he got all "I preach the Gospel of Neo! Hail the Messiah!", I'm afraid he lost all credibility.
I predict the next movie will go something like this: Neo is tragically out of commission, Trinity wails over his fallen form with more necrophilia-style make-out sessions, and Smith-human wakes up and plots while pretending to be out. Morpheus declares that Neo must be able to take on the machines in real life as well as in the Matrix. Clearly he will save them all. They head back for Zion at top speed. At some point just before returning to Zion, Trinity confesses to comatose!Neo in a desperate attempt to wake him up that she's pregnant. Bingo- dead boy wakes up. Smith-human goes "Aha! Got him." Just as they're about to reach the machines, Smith smirks, hops off the slab, and promptly holds Trinity hostage to get them to turn the ship around and let Zion be destroyed. They go away, back to broadcasting depth. Neo somehow plots with Morpheus and has the stunning conclusion that Smith is the only way they can win this war. Ergo, he allows them to go, then somehow tricks Smith into working on their side. He has Smith infect all the humans in the Matrix until they're all Smiths, ergo, they are not destroyed by the machines. Then Neo takes out the Smiths in a massive Matrix battle until all humans are freed. Humans kick ass. Movie ends with Neo and Trinity glomping over the wreckage of the machines, swearing that they'll repopulate the human race themselves.
Watch- I want to see how many of my predictions are correct. It'll be so pathetically sad if I am entirely right- minus extraneous fight scenes.
Now that such hideousness is out of my head, I really must vacate. Ja-
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Sunday, May 11, 2003

I think I'm going to kill my parents.
I love them and all, but sometimes it's quite debateable if they even listen to me. I suspect everyone else the world over has gone through all of this before, but damn it's irritating.
Breakfast/lunch/dinner conversation tends to go as following:
"So, when you go to UConn. . ."
"I don't _Want_ to go to UConn."
"Why would you ever not want to go to such a fine academic establishment as UConn- which you are going to, by the way."
"For the reasons I've told you already, about fifty times a piece."
"What was that, dear? I didn't hear you, but then again, I never do. Why don't I ask you some inane question about UConn?- which, by the way, you are going to."
"Oh, it's all right, I know you're trying to assert your independence, which is all fine and dandy, so long as you're still under my thumb, but why don't you do it with something that doesn't matter, like your major?"
"*stunned silence*. . . I'm done. Bye."
I think I'm going to die of frustration. The fact that this is indeed the next four years of /my/ life has made no impact on them. The fact that I would like to change environments for someplace that's far, far better has made no impact on them. The fact that I would like to attend a place that has more to do with my major than UConn has made no impact on them.
Apparently I'm just being a spoiled brat for wanting to make my own choice. Freedom of college life, my ass.
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Must Speak In CAPS!
Friday, May 9, 2003

This week has been interesting. Monday was the day from HELL. Tuesday was similarily miserable, but not quite on the same scale. Riding on big fuzzy creatures makes everything better. Wednesday was a relief. Thursday was a mini-vacation of which half was spent sleeping. Friday- I'm trying to figure out what to do now.
Two AP tests down, one to go. English was wicked nasty, Monday morning when I woke up late after less sleep than is wise and forewent breakfast. I was braindead for the rest of the day, and was looking forward to relaxing and eating real food when I got home. No such luck- I'd left my key sitting on the dining room table in plain sight. And there was no way for me to get in. I couldn't stop thinking of things as being Inside- like the Key. I spent five miserable hours outside in the cold before deciding that damnit, I was cold, I was really hungry, I felt like hell, and it was starting to rain. I called my friend from a neighbor's house (that was an experience in itself- the little puerile bastard freshman that lives there was actually sympathetic. I was stunned. Then again, I was also in tears. That may affect judgement.) She came and rescued my sorry rear for the evening. I owe her and her family a thank you note. And flowers, or something.
Tuesday was only marginally better. My sister drove an hour to come open a door for me in the morning before work, earning herself a speeding ticket in the process, so I got access to clean clothes, contact solution, the stranded guinea pig, and all the accessories needed for anime club followed by riding. On the other hand, I also had two pissed off sisters. "You should have been more resourceful!"
I don't know about anyone else, but when I'm in trouble, I do my best to think about what I personally can do to get myself out before consulting anyone else as the last resort. And even then, I try to involve as few people as possible. Therefore, the idea that I was going to go up to someone random's door and say, "Hey, can I borrow your computer? I need to look up my sister's cell phone number when I have no idea where to find it." Or "Do you have a ladder you can lug over to my house so I can fall off and break my neck? Yeah, thanks." is flat out preposterous.
Or call a locksmith, even better- I would have had no way to prove I was who I said I was, that I lived there, or even pay them off. Meh.
So, Tuesday I got food. And assignment after assignment. But after school things were better.
Wednesday was the Spanish AP exam, which was by far easier than the English exam. Odd, that. English is supposed to be my strong suit, and Spanish a weakness. We'll see what the grades say.
Monday will be my Biology exam. That oughta be a nasty one. Some people claim they're just going to go in, get the test, and fall asleep on it. Not much I can say to that.
Still, things are finally winding down. My senior project papers are all due Monday, so that will be all done with then. As will most of the work in three of my six classes. Summer and graduation loom gratifyingly close.
The only disconcerting thought is that I still don't know what college I'm going to. More and more I'm sure that I want Guelph, but my parents aren't around for me to argue with. They're stolidly for UConn. I can't blame them from a monetary standpoint- UConn gave me a larger scholarship, after all, and for travel time- it's close enough for them to keep control of me. However, the latter is one reason I prefer Guelph.
Gyah- I can pull a college rant out of my pocket at the drop of a hat. How disturbing. Let's abort that thought, shall we?
I ought to be doing something constructive. Or at least going somewhere, talking to someone. I've talked to very few people, very few times this week, even for me.
What ever am I going to do when senioritis really sinks in and I have nothing to do?
That remains to be seen. Ja-
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Senior Slalom
Sunday, May 4, 2003

I think it's safe to say there shall be no Mexican blogs. That's quite all right- most of you don't want to hear it, anyways.
My apologies if anyone missed me, or is going to, but it's that time of the year: AP tests are upon us!
I presented my senior project Friday to a grand total of five. Including my mother, teacher, and three friends I coerced into coming to listen to me for an hour and some. Yes, I owe them muchly. They put up with me very well and asked good questions.
Hopefully I was entertaining. I suspect I did all right, though I don't expect A+s or anything. I blather, and I blather mightily when no one will shut me up.
Now I have to present- again- to my anime club, of which not a single member deigned to show up. I was annoyed, but now I'm more frustrated, because such is the attitude of this town that I couldn't honestly expect them to come. No one will do a bloody thing they don't expressly have to, and if so, they will exert an absolute minimum of effort.
Yes, one wonders indeed why I would like to travel somewhere new. Not that I expect things to be better anywhere else, it's just that adding insult to injury might turn disillusionment into honest hate. I don't particularily want to be stuck staying four years in a place I hate.
Mrrr. Please pardon the dramatics, everyone. This is what happens when there's no one convenient around to rant at. ^^;; Pity my friends.
So- to get back to the topic I was attempting to broach. I'm busy. I need to write the process paper, perform my mini-second-presentation, figure out a bibliography, and get the senior project entirely out of my hair. At the same time, I have three AP tests to take in the next two weeks.
I'm predicting fours on two, and it's anyone's guess on the last one. The English AP test is actually in less than twelve hours. Stress, anyone?
I also have some serious assignments to take care of. Technically, they're already late, but as I've been stressing over senior project stuff, Mexico and whatnot, my teachers have been very lenient with me. I can't afford to stretch their patience any longer, and I fully intend to keep my word of getting all that work done and to them.
Oh, yes. And my parents are on a trip to California all this week, leaving my seldom-home eldest sister and I. She'll supposedly provide me transport when I need it most, but that still means catching the bus all this week. A bus that comes an hour and a half before I need to be at school, and leaves fourty-five minutes after I'm done.
Admittedly, I'll need that time on Monday, since I'll be making up labs that I'll miss for AP testing, but that's going to be a pain. It also means I don't get to eat between six-thirty and two o'clock. Mrrr.
Traditionally, seniors are allowed to go home after AP tests, too. Instead, I get to sit through all my afternoon classes while I'm braindead. And the first two AP tests _are_ afternoon classes, which makes it entirely pointless.
All right. Time to stop whinging and actually go do work. Wouldn't that be a change.
And I need to sleep in three hours so I'll be fresh for my exam. Hell- wish me luck. I'll need it.
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Go, package, go!
Saturday, April 26, 2003

Thanke, thanke, everyone! ^^
(Yes, that took supreme will-power to avoid an "arigato, minna-san!" I'm trying to cut back on the bedamned fangirl japanese.)
Evidently I was mistaken. The package has just been shipped, and not only is it not taking its sweet time, it's Hauling Serious Ass.
The proof is in the details:
April 25, 2003 14:18 Hamilton - Canada Shipment picked up
April 25, 2003 23:05 Toronto - Canada Departed from DHL facility in Toronto - Canada
April 26, 2003 01:05 Cincinnati, OH - USA Arrived at DHL facility in Cincinnati, OH - USA
April 26, 2003 07:23 Cincinnati, OH - USA Departed from DHL facility in Cincinnati, OH - USA
April 26, 2003 10:20 New York City-Gateway, NY - USA Arrived at DHL facility in New York City-Gateway, NY - USA
I've never actually bothered to track any package before, but they weren't kidding when they said they sent it express. It's definitely going to make the "within five business days" deadline.
My college future is coming at me with all the air speed available. Gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, doesn't it?
. . . On the other hand, time is flying towards my Senior Project dead-line and AP tests. Meep!
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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

It's about bloody time I had some good news!
I have been accepted to the University of Guelph.
The package evidently is taking its sweet, sweet time to get to me, but by god, I am happy. Haaaappy.
I don't have to go to UConn!
*cue partying*
Woo, I shall have a hard time falling asleep tonight- and I was so tired not five minutes ago. Nothing like acceptance to your favorite university to wake you up.
Now- for calculus homework. When I can't stop grinning like a mad creature. That's got to be a first!
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Short Version
Sunday, April 20, 2003

Seeing as it's going to take me hours and hours to get the proper Mexican blogs out, I present to you. . . the short version:
Time spent travelling: to get there: 16+ hours
around there: 8 or more hours
to get back: 15 hours
Time spent in airports: 10 hours, give or take
Number of parents who had to travel to the airport at the last minute: 7
Approximate travel time from town to airport: 2 hours
Number of tantrums thrown: 1
Time spent in buses: . . . Too long.
Times the bus passed within inches of another too-solid object: Lost count at several dozen
Number of pesos to a dollar: Approximately 10
Number of girls in our room: 4
Number of girls in our room who are used to being queen of their pack: 3
Number of cockroaches that bit us in the grungy Mexico City hotel: 0 (Thankfully)
Number of staples lurking to bite feet in the grungy Mexico City hotel: 8+
Number of people in the anti-war protest in front of the Mexico City hotel: 50,000+
Number of catcalls recieved by group: 50+ (Read: Too many for Wind to count)
Number of times Wind got groped: 2
Number of times Wind got sick: 2
Number of cheeseburgers consumed over trip: 3
Number of times "No, gracias" was said to deter a vendor: Infinite
Number of damned annoying vendors who follow you around and don't take your first no for an answer: Infinite and continuously spawning
Number of pyramids climbed: 2
Number of Ballet Folklorico dancers that lost their hats: 1
Number of people that lost their lunch at various intervals: 4+
Number of boats in the Xochimilco canals: Way Too Many
Width of the Xochimilco canal: 50 feet
Number of boat-boat collisions: Upwards of 30
Number of people who avoided the canned snow war: 2 (go me!)
Number of teachers bonked on the head by random colliding boats: 1
Number of drunken teachers: 1+ (Do repeat occurances count?)
Number of drunken students: 3+ (Yes, repeat occurances here as well)
Number of smoker students discretely airing out their rooms and congregating in odd places: 5+
Number of hours spent in a Taxco hammock watching the sky: 2+
Number of friends made: 1. I think.
Number of personality clashes: Upwards of 3 repeated
Number of times Wind retreated into "personal bubble": Lost count
Number of CDs listened to: 14
Number of times Wind almost drowned: 2
Number of unexpected waves that swamped everyone on the beach: 5+
Number of students that get motion sick: 1. (Guess who.)
Number of students that got sea sick: 3 (Guess who didn't?)
Number of sketchy water closets visited: 6+
Number of sketchy water closests paid for: 3
Number of water bottles consumed: 6+
Number of bottles of Fanta/Manzana Lift consumed: Upwards of 2 dozen
Collected quantity of sand in places notably not the beach: Approximately 1 pound
Number of square inches of skin burnt: 4. Go me!
Number of Mexican boys that hit on Wind in the Wallmart candy aisle: 2. (Nowhere's safe!)
Number of inside jokes resulting from said incident: 2 and counting ("Virginia, do you think Roger will like this?" "Oh yes, Susan!")
Number of students with braided heads: 13/14
Number of teachers with braided heads: 4/4
Number of braids on my head: 31
Number of students that can do the jive walk: 3
Number of teachers that can do the jive walk: 1
Times passer-bys looked wierded out at the jive walk: 5+
Number of fuzzy armadillos bought at Dallas airport: 5 (2 are mine)
Total number of times Wind called home: 2
Minutes left on the $10 Mexican phone card: 12
Quantity of pesos left: About 20
Hours Wind slept after getting home and distributing gifts: 9 and a half
Projects Wind should be working on instead of doing this: 3
All right, people, that's it for now. ^^ I'll attempt a more in-depth review as the time comes.
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Voy a viajar a Mexico!
Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Estimated time to departure: 30 hours. Gah!
Things needed: Shoes. Possibly also sandals that don't kill my feet. Aloe vera gel for ridiculously pale doubleshot o' Northern European skin. Sketchbook. Notebook. Spanish dictionary. A clue.
To do: Pack. (Addendum: Somehow fit all of nine-days-plus wear into medium size luggage.) Panic. (I'm working on that one!) Take two tests, a project, a Senior Project, and some delightful Calculus homework. Avoid getting sick. (Failing on that score.)
If you're wondering where I've been, and where I am going, that's your answer. ^^; I'm going to be incommunicado from tomorrow on till April 20th, I believe. (Not that such silences haven't passed unnoticed before, but it's courteous to say /something/.)
I'm hoping to have fun, since we're going a lot of very cool places. Museums, cathedrals, Ballet Folklorico, Taxco - but what I'm looking forward to the most are the pyramids and the floating gardens. ^_^
The only problem shall be the amount of work that I have to do both before and after I get back. We get back on a weekend, with two days (on which I work) to do all of our homework and make-up work. . . and from there, I have two weeks to do my Senior Project, followed by the AP tests hard on its heels.
Fully half of my classes are AP (three), so after them, I'm home free- but it's getting there that's the trouble. My Biology class is so far behind we can't even see the end. >_< We've missed two weeks of school due to snow days, and the snail's pace that class went at it in the first three quarters did not help at all.
That is one of those things I ought not to stress about now, when I have so many other things available at this very moment. Say, studying for a test that I have to take tomorrow, when we're still learning what is going to be on it. -_-;
I think I'm incapable of doing anything but babble incoherently at the moment. Hopefully I shall be returned to some semblance of intelligence by the next time I post.
Too, I hope to be able to work on random figments over the trip, but I don't have any specific hopes. There are too many books I'm bringing to read and whatnot that shall distract me. . . Good things, preferably, as opposed to "Montezuma's revenge".
Sah. I go to get things done!
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Apathy is good for something.
Wednesday, April 2, 2003

If I weren't a pessimist, I would be feeling rather hellish now.
I've been shot down. No big schools for Wind-chan.
That is to say- I went to check my Cornell "Application Account" out of morbid curiousity, and there was this little link that said "Check your decision!"- no big packet/little packet forewarning involved. Needless to say, I shall be recieving a small envelope.
Guelph _is_ my only hope.
Hell. . . It's not that I was really expecting to get in, but it would have been nice. It would have been.
. . .
*sigh* So, my ego has been properly curtailed. Backwater agri-colleges, here I come!
And Guelph says it shall get its decision to me by May. May 1 is when UConn needs to have its acceptance and downpayment- and the later you respond, the worse your dorm. >_<
Rock, meet hard place.
Damn but my luck sucks.
Off to do homework. Streeeeess! I leave for Mexico in a week. I have two great big projects due pretty soon after we get back. And AP tests after that. Life would be easier if I actually wanted to go to UConn.
Exit Wind's sanity stage right.
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Hit me
Sunday, March 30, 2003

. . . I think I've been puppy-kicked. Either that, or the world likes to watch me squirm.
I don't think I want to go into the details of my Accursed Thursdays. You don't want me to. Suffice to say, Thursdays are when I have my riding lessons. Thursdays are also the only day when car-related mishaps, snow storms, concerts, vacations, jury duty, projects etc. land. It's getting to be more conspiracy of chance than mere coincidence by now. I've missed five lessons out of six, and look to miss something like three out of the next four. Ergo: The world hates me, and does not want me to ride.
Soooo. There are far too freaking many people /exactly my age/ who deserve worshipping. -_-; So inferior.
If I could get off my rear and actually write something instead of whinging about the fact I can't write, I might get somewhere. But that's another story.
Linkage where linkage is do:
Fallen by Aido. This manga ate my day, and I am oddly happy about it. Very kick ass, and understated drawing a la Strings of Fate. I like her humor, and worship her skillz.
. . . Yes, Faustus makes me drool. Moving on.
What I actually meant to blog about: I recieved college response number 2.
Instead of an outright "You suck!" letter, I got a "You sort of suck!" letter from Chicago. That's right: I'm not accepted, I'm not rejected, I'm. . . Deferred. Wait-listed. "Please leave your name and number and we'll insult you for real by June."
Yep, now depressed. This means there's not a chance in hell I'm getting into Cornell. More time-to-feel-inferior as I watch everyone else get in. -_-;
Guelph, you're my only hope!
In the meantime, I get to attempt to scramble frantically to do everything that needs doing before it's due. My senior project is due in about a month, and I'm not going to be able to work on it for two weeks when I'm on break - in Mexico.
Yes, Mexico shall be the third country I've ever set foot in. And I'm going with my friend as part of the Spanish educational expedition from our school. About a dozen girls and one boy. It should be interesting.
Seeing as we leave in about nine days, I'm performing a mad scramble to get all the things needed before I need them. Who ever knew you needed so much _stuff_ to travel?
(You can tell I haven't been on a real vacation, much less an international trip, in a Very Long Time.)
I surprisingly had a successful shopping trip on Friday. . . I essentially got my entire spring and summer wardrobe in three hours in two stores. Shocked me, shocked my mother, and ought to shock everyone else, since the one thing I hate to do more than anything else is shop for clothes. I don't think I've even been clothes shopping for years.
Now I get to be semi-trendy for awhile. Except, I'm a geek, and it doesn't quite work. . . Ah well. You win some, you lose some.
Or lose most. -_-;
Excuse me while I go do Spanish. Or doodle Faustus. Bah.
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Dirty Business
Friday, March 21, 2003

It's the quick and dirty blog!
Let's get down to business.
One, I've had an. . . interesting week. Yesterday was fairly crappy by my standards, as I not only was forced to miss my riding lesson, but I got reamed by both my parents in short succession. Neither of them yell, but my father gets an extremely frightening, slow and serious tone that is guaranteed to cause cardiac arrest.
Two, I've clearly watched too much Iraq news coverage, because I'm rather grouchy on that topic now. My current"DIE BUSH DIE" mood can be attributed to two things, though, which I shall have to state and get them out of my system before I become worse.
A) "Shock and Awe." It's "A Day" and I've already heard that phrase so much I'm sick of it. That, and it's not a particularily clever or interesting phrase either. "Bush Bombs" or something might have worked just as well and actually be more accurate.
B) . . . we went to war just so we could justify killing Saddam Hussein without calling it political assassination. This makes me twitch. (Flidge, my Wraiths are looking insufferably smug about now.) For the uninitiated, there's an imaginary government in my head who happens to employ a large number of multi-purpose bodyguards, assassins and spies in order to keep their empire running. It works rather neatly for them. The lead-assassin in my head keeps shaking his head with an "It would only take two minutes." expression.
Three, I have manga to pimp. Why? Because it's ridiculously cute and right up the Conjunction's alley. Yakitate! Japan Go, read, knead some dough.
(A las, I would never have solar hands. I have ridiculously bad circulation, and a body temperature about five degrees below average. It makes for some icy icy hands. . . and bread that doesn't rise, apparently.)
Now I must debate the merits of limited sibling time accompaniment versus friend in need accompaniment. Gah.
Either way, I'll be occupied tonight!

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Birthday Gifts
Saturday, March 15, 2003

Happy Birthday, Flidget!
I do so owe you scenage. It will be done. . . ehrm, whenever I get the chance to work on it. ^^ Soon?
In other news. . . I will not have to be applying to Wesconn in the future.
That is to say, today I got my UConn acceptance letter, with a scholarship offer to boot. $10,520 over four years, not that bad. ^^; Now, if only I really wanted to go there. But it's one down, three to go. ^^
Oi, mailbox, I'm watching you.
No other news worth mentioning, except that I narrowly avoided poisoning myself yesterday on some food that was somewhat past its peak of freshness. Needless to say, I'm glad I have a durable stomach. . . and I will be reading labels more closely in the future.
6 weeks until my Senior Project is due. Gah!
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Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Seeing as I've been remiss, it's time I recap.
Friday was. . . interesting. I decided to go help my friends afterschool with the decorating for the Senior Senior Prom, and they are lucky I did so. ^^
I arrived promptly at 1:30 after being liberated from school, and ate my lunch in the car on the way over so as to be there as early as possible. Once there, I was immediately set to work.
They had a lot to do, and not so much time. I got drafted to help with the streamer hanging, food arranging, banner twining, balloon placement, general stuff hauling, anal-retentive chair placement, etc. over the course of four hours. It might not sound horribly difficult, but there were the usual complications of tape not sticking, things being unnecessarily complicated, balloons randomly popping, and the unusual complications of old people randomly stopping to chat, stare and comment upon our activities.
The elderly weren't so bad, I just didn't have the answers to some of their questions since it wasn't my project or handiwork. (But the entrance way? All those streamer-braidings that made me want to go crazy or find a maypole? All mine.)
At 5-ish, we started putting the finishing touches on things, so I called for a ride and went home with strict instructions to be back at 6:30. I got home at 5:30- leaving me less than an hour to get party perfect. I'm not sure how familiar everyone is with usual feminine preparations for a prom-like state of affairs, but that was a mighty small time-period.
Since I'm a spoiled brat, I left my hair preparations to my sister, and she did very well. . . especially since I only gave her about twenty minutes. With some very quick changes and preparations, I was back out the door and on time looking far classier than I had earlier.
The prom itself was interesting. Being the antisocial geek I am, with my social butterfly having never left the caterpillar stage, I assigned myself the task of caring for the food and drink table. It kept me occupied and out of great social embarassment's way- I haven't any greater clue how to dance to Glenn Miller than I do to today's top ten. The poor suckers who were drafted and haggled into coming were not so lucky; they got to gingerly twirl around with the nonagarians.
Still, it was entertaining. The two hours went rather quickly, with my greatest concern being "Would you like something to drink?", replying that no, the punch was not spiked, and keeping a steady supply of ice-filled plastic cups using the defective salad tongs. I also got to flabberghast my english teacher, who dropped by out of scholarly duty to observe their senior project. I'm amused that she didn't recognize me while all spiffy- and agreed that I don't go to anywhere near the trouble to look good for class.
After the show was over, I crawled back into normal clothes (and flat sandals, thankfully) and pitched in to clean up the mess. There was a slight mishap when one end of the folding table holding the plentiful remains of a giant sheet cake decided to go down, but otherwise taking down took far less time than putting up- as usual. I went home after ten and was in bed by eleven. Oi, it was a long week.
Saturday I had great difficulty prying myself from my bed, but headed out to the barn and had another go at exercise riding, this time on Bailey. He was good for me, if somewhat annoyed that I couldn't jump him (due to the fact he's ancient. He's in his twenties like Figs.). Work both Saturday and Sunday was normal, and I spent a great deal of time lazing about. To my shame, I explored the pit of voles selections for hours.
Unsurprisingly, the finds were mixed, but there's usually better odds at good or at least non-blinding material if you screen it by reviews and correctly spelled summaries under non-painful names. For example, "Blasturgurl125" or "Frodosfootluvr" are less likely to be read by me than an appellation that's simple or tasteful- and non-Mary-Sue-ish. There are also legions of self-inflicted titles along the lines of "Sweet Sugar Fluff" and "Chastity Angelic Hope" that make me cringe.
The chosen title of the fic itself can play a part, but seeing as you can never tell if the author is trying to make a pun, be funny, metaphoric, or enigmatic, I tend to lean more towards summaries and relative review count. Still, things like "Chara1 and Chara2 Fall in Luv!" or "Random has a secret!" will make me quietly pass on to the next one.
(These names were chosen at random and with the intent of being non-existent. If they do in fact exist, I shudder in fear *cough* Or rather, I apologize.)
I do indeed realize that I wouldn't read my own works under those criteria- but I'm not attempting to promote my ancient fics. Many of those are, to put it politely for my own ego's sake, not worthy -_-;
Speaking of, I ought to be working on my massive original fic (which, I understand, will be read by two people. Oh well. XD). . . but I have things to do. ^^;
Time for me to go watch home movies from Mexico and eat pizza. ^_^
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Slow as Molasses
Thursday, March 6, 2003

Yes, I know Flidge deleted my old layout pic. I also know that layout was really, really ancient.
I was getting sick of the mustard, myself. So, until I can think of anything better, I have a temporary layout cobbled out of bad ancient html. ^_^; Enjoy the fish.
Today was a snow day, which is the only reason why I have actually been bored enough to play with layouts. It's a nice break, since I've been ridiculously busy lately.
There has been a deluge of tests/quizzes/things that need my attention lately, and I shudder to think on what I have yet to do. There's a book that needs reading, tests that need taking, horses that need riding. . . and a senior project that needs to be researched, planned, and put together in the next six or seven weeks. -_-;
I'm planning on attending my friend's senior project tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. She's one of a committee organizing the Senior-Senior Prom. It's an amazingly anti-Wind scenario: I don't dance, I don't dress up, and I don't know how to deal with old people. At least I shall be exposed to all those with whom she works, including the random chefs that hit on her. Lovely fun for all.
College countdown stands at 3 weeks and some. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
More updates shall be made when I have things to speak of. Ja!
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